Hey there! Welcome to Full-Time Hangout.

We're Jonas & Dorothy, a married couple in Austin, TX with nothing better to do (that's not true). We originally met in Baton Rouge, LA in 2012, and have been hanging out ever since. 

The name 'Full-Time Hangout' came about after a (not sober) discussion regarding 'soul mates.' We don't believe in soul mates, so much as finding the person on this planet that you don't get sick of hanging out with, well, full-time. 
Just bought all nine seasons of 'The Office' on DVD, and want to binge with a person that won't judge you? Full-Time Hangout.
Just saw the latest 'Ultra Mega Uber Burrito' ad from Taco Bell, and have to have it? Full-Time Hangout.

Because you can't really pay the billz by hanging out, we also have 'adult' jobs. Dorothy is a social media support specialist for a productivity app, and Jonas handles billing & licensing for a software development company. 

Hobbies include, but are not limited to: our pets, snacking, Netflix 4 dayz, kayaking, crafting (Dorth), biking (Jonas).
Basically, we're exactly a couple in their mid-twenties.

You can find our other corners of the internet using @fulltimehangout, @jonasspira@planetdorth