Things We Learned During Our Weekend Trip to Denver

  • Staying up until 1am the night before a 6am flight is a really bad idea (obvs). Side effects include: exhaustion, delirium, naps.
  • Some people think the Denver airport is the headquarters of the Illuminati...among other things.
  • Denver in October looks exactly how movies portray 'autumn' to be. Cool weather, and colors everywhere you look. If you're not used to living in a place that has seasons like this (i.e., us), expect gasps at every turn.
  • If you're going somewhere brand new for a quick weekend trip, do some research, but don't plan too much. As someone that typically has a general plan for vacation ("on day 1 we'll do this, on day 2 we'll do that, etc etc"), this experience was a really fun way to travel. 
  • Remember how we said 'do some research'? There were a few things we do wish we had known about ahead of time. For example, we didn't find Denver's pocket of amazing graffiti until literally 6 minutes before we had to head back to the airport. Had we done our research, we probably would've planned an hour or so to walk this part of town. 
  • Pack outdoor shoes, even if you don't 'plan' on doing outdoor things. Dorothy's $10 H&M flats were not prepared for such terrain. 
  • We debated taking the 2 hour drive into the Rockies, since our trip was so short. You guys…we’re so glad we did. You may have seen the Smokey Mountains, or the Appalachian Mountains, but the Rocky Mountains are on another level. Even if you’re aren’t in Denver for very long, be sure to make time for this. 
  • You’ll likely start planning you’re next trip to Denver during the flight home. It’s a city filled with too much color, kind people, and beautiful landscapes to not return ASAP.