Cookie Cutter Wall Display

As a cookie hobbyist and collection addict (re: hoarder), I've grown quite the assortment of cookie cutters over the last few years. Many were purchased specifically for events/clients, some were gifted, and others were bought on a whim because I simply couldn't pass them up. 

There's a small caveat to a growing a cookie cutter collection that becomes a pain point after you hit the 8 to 10 cutter mark - storage. At that point you have enough that you need dedicated storage and, if you're like me, you'll want them on display.

Yes, you can put them in a pretty glass jar and sit the jar on your kitchen counter, but this didn't work for me for two reasons:
                   • We have very limited counter space
                   • My collection grows too quickly, and is too large (first-world problem, I know)

My solution? The cookie cutter wall display. 

*Edit:* We're lucky that we've had really open landlords over the years, and that we're great with spackle & paint. If you're a renter, and decide you want to do this, make sure a) your landlord is cool with a million tiny holes in the wall OR b) your spackle skills are on point. 

What you'll need:
Tape measure
          • Poster board(s) - enough to fit the size of the wall space you're covering
          • Nails - at least one per cookie cutter, though I used 2 nails for some
          • Hammer
          • Pencil

First- measure the wall where you'll be hanging the cutters, and cut/tape your poster board(s) to size. I used two full posters, taped together. The added benefit of this was that I knew exactly where the center was. If you're creating a smaller space/have less cutters, I recommend measuring your final size, and marking the center. 

Next is the fun and/or infuriating part- arranging the cookie cutters! As someone that DOES NOT LIKE puzzles, this step always tests my patience.
The key here is the make sure you lay the cookie cutters from (what I call) the 'anchor point.' That essentially just means where the cutter will hang on the nail. Chances are, it will not be perfectly upright, but rather at an angle of sorts.

Once you've arranged all of your cookie cutters, be sure to take a reference photo. You'll need this later!

Next, carefully mark the 'anchor point' for each cutter (where the nail would go). I also recommend marking the top/bottom of the arrangement, as well as a small 'x' in the center of a designated cutter. This will make the arrangement easier to rebuild later. In my case, I used the rocket as the 'x' guide. 

After you're done marking each of the cookie cutters, use washi or painter's tape to hang the poster on the wall where you'd like the arrangement to go. Double-check that the poster is level, otherwise your cutters won't hang from the 'anchor point' properly. No pressure! 

Now comes the easy part - simply hammer a nail into each of the dots you've marked.
The type of nail is completely up to you.
In the past I've used small/thin nails so that they're nearly invisible once the cookie cutters are hanging. This time I decided to use nails with a larger head to prevent the cutters from scooting/falling off, as they're in a high-traffic area.

Once all of the nails are up, very carefully tear off the poster board. Be sure not to pull too hard, or you may accidentally pull out the nails. I used and X-acto knife to help in the tough spots.

When you get to the point where you've marked the 'x,' write a small x on the wall (in pencil!) in that same spot.

After you've pulled off all of the poster board, use the small 'x' to guide you through rebuilding the arrangement. First, hang the cutter (in my case, the rocket) that you've designated for the 'x.'
Use your reference photo of the entire arrangement to add the rest of the cookie cutters from that point.


And you're done! Stand back and admire your fancy new kitchen display. Well done, pal.

As you acquire additional cookie cutters, it's really easy to add them to the wall- simply add a nail where the cutter fits best!



*Edit:* If you decide to make a cookie cutter wall display of your own, be sure to use #ftho, or email us a photo- I'd love to see your collection!